"Detect Network Settings" button gives problems on PBXs

“Detect Network Settings” button gives problems on PBXs

I have some FreePBX all with: Asterisk Version: 13.13.1 FreePBX
The “Detect Network Settings” button no longer works on these PBXs.
It has been happening for a few days “maybe it’s more time but I recently realized it …”
Does anyone know of any changes that can cause this anomaly?

It is also good to know how this utility works … Does it connect to a specific server to get public IP? Or something like that?

Does anyone really have an idea?

Short answer: no

That said, I’ve experienced this with premises servers and I think it’s, to some degree, a firewall issue. For example, there are times I want to obtain the WAN address that my PBX is using so I will run a dig command:

dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com

But no results will populate, because I’m getting blocked. Whereas this issue never occurs for servers in the cloud.

What are you trying to accomplish? If it’s just a simple on prem config, I’d get your WAN address and subnets manually and enter them in.

If you’re trying to use a dynamic external address, purchase the module system admin pro and use the DDNS setting there. Of course, if you have your own, you can use that too. Only caveat is that you don’t want your firewall cutting you off.

Is this something that has always worked, and then stopped about 3-4 weeks ago? Does this command work?

fwconsole extip

I am using a raspberry behind nat, the firewall is written by me iptables and until today it had not given me problems and in any case disabling it the problem remains

Yes this command works … “fwconsole extip”
but then what does it mean? Maybe the interface doesn’t use the same system to get external ip …?

It doesn’t. Did this work fine until 3-4 weeks ago and then just stop abruptly?

That’s right about 4 weeks ago it stopped going …

PM me the external IP address of your PBX pls.

“How it works”

curl -I http://myip.freepbx.org:5060/whatismyip.php
times out.

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Opened https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-23017

these days all the freepbx that I have installed no longer update the external address. I guess it is due to a choice of freepbx.org.
If I make the change to the Settings module, changing the following string:
in: http://myip.freepbx.org/whatismyip.php
it all works.

The problem that gives me security warning because the module is altered.
What can I do? Can you update this change and re-sign the form?

thanks a lot

Know issue in fpbx 14 and earlier . We will publish a fix for this in time.

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