Destination playing online user mailboxes with send message option


I want setup a special function. before call or contact, listen the mailbox. so i try to explain.

IVR with a question about “what kind of support you are looking for, press one for AAA or two for BBB”

now I need groups. extensions in AAA or BBB or both.

now my problem, i cannot find a solution. how to create a destination, if you in there after IVR the destination play random Mailboxes from online User. after play 3 options. send voicemessage, call the user, or go to next mailbox.

is that possible?

Sounds like you are describing an IVR that goes to different queues which finally fails over to voicemail. Pretty standard.

Hello PitzKey,

That’s nice that that’s pretty standard. then I can certainly learn that easily.

Can you give me some food for thought on how and where to start ?

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