Desktop shortcut to directdial a number using Zulu UC (windows client)

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We just got our Zulu UC desktop clients for windows 10 working with our on-prem freePBX installation.
We would like to put an icon on the desktop that would automatically dial a number (in our case to connect to the support department)
Are there any ideas how to do this?
Can I invoke the client with a parameter that gives the number to call?
Is there a protocol that will launch Zulu (such as Tel or callto)?
Is there a way to generate a shortcut directly from the zulu client?
The closest that I’ve come so far is to create a simple html file with a tel link that will launch the client, but I’d like to remove the middle step.



Right-click a blank spot on the desktop and select New -> Shortcut.
For Location of the item, type e.g. tel:1234 . Click Next.
Name as desired. Click Finish. Test.

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Thanks, that worked! Turns out I had forgotten to set the default app for the protocol.

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