Desktop Cliet

(Michael Coulton) #1

Is there a free Sangoma softphone I can install on my Windows PC and set it up as an extension off my FreePBX?


(Lorne Gaetz) #2

The only Sangoma soft phone is Zulu. It is free for a 2 user trial license.

(Michael Coulton) #3

Okay. Thanks. Do I need to have Zulu installed or will it work with FreePBX?

(Sergio Lobera) #4

You need to install Zulu server Michael, you can’t use Zulu as a SIP client.

(Michael Coulton) #5

Okay. Thanks. Any recommendations for a soft SIP client? I’ve used Zoiper as it’s a free client. Are there any other free clients you can recommend? I believe Counterpaths X-Lite has been retired.