Deskphone. Softphone all using same extension credentials At same time. Is that possible?

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Not sure what technical term is.

But can you have multiple phones logging into PBX as same extension?

My example is I have a Desk-phone, Then I have a softphone for when remote. So rather than have a softphone extension different to my general desk-phone. Can you just connect with SoftPhone with same credentials even though the phone is connected on my Desk at office.

I run PBXact

I have tried it but get mixed results. So not sure if there is a setting somewhere to allow it.


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At FreePBX you can add change the max-contacts settings at the extension under avdanced. This should solve your problem.

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Registration. You can register multiple SIP contacts to a PJSIP extension if you raise max contacts set. It’s not possible using chan_sip.

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I am running PBXact which is freepbx with some licensed features. I can see that Max setting in advanced. Nor in any other tab on the extension.


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It is a setting in the extension, if the extension type is set to PJSIP (as opposed to CHANSIP, virtual, etc.).

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