Deployment id - What's it tied to?

I recovered a backup to an new VM and I have to move the deployment ID again. Why?

What is the deployment module looking for on my server?

It is tied to the hardware even in a VM.

Not sure if this is what you mean but any modules that you buy are tied to the deployment ID. So if you don’t want to re-buy all your paid modules you’ll need to move the deployment ID. After the second time you need to ask nicely.

MAC Address.

Its more then just MAC address. That is 1 piece of it but it also looks to hard drives, CPU and memory and to many things change the license deactivates but you can move the whole deployment ID to a new box two times and after that you need to reach out to support.

Ah, thanks. I thought it was just MAC address, as it wasn’t until I had a valid MAC on a VM that activation would happen.

Ok. Thanks

I will work around this restriction

What xactly are you attempting to do? Each deployment should Ave it’s own I’d. If you have multiple deployments with a single Id that will cause problems.

I had a vm crash and I moved it to a new vm on the same server and I have issues. It’s all good now.
It just limits the way I can move vm’s around.

I move VMs around all the time without breaking the Zend lock. It’s only when you delete the VM that it stops working.