Deployment ID not in Partner Portal / Unable to claim

I am attempting to purchase another commercial module for one of my company’s deployments, however there are two issues:

  1. The Deployment ID on this FreePBX is not listed under our deployments. Hence why I’m posting on the forum, as I can’t create a support ticket without a recognized Deployment ID. We’ve activated other commercial modules on this deployment as recently as last year, but the partner portal will not allow for a claim on the ID (“We couldn’t find deployment, contact support.”).
  2. When attempting to update activation on the FreePBX admin console, I receive the message “Unable to track down your deployment”.

I think this could have to do with my company’s partner portal account looking like it was “merged” with a similarly named company’s partner account, as during the process of hunting down this deployment, I’ve found there are deployments listed that are not ones belonging to us, and the company name listed under the customer number is NOT my company’s. I can provide more specifics if necessary, just not sure if it’s appropriate for a public forum. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to resolve this.

Thank you,

Have you contacted support yet? If not then do so because any Sangoma rep on here is going to ask you the same thing and/or ask for you to PM them with your ticket number or other account information. Then they’ll take to someone in the proper department to follow up with you. However, you must have an existing issue open with the proper department.

I’ve attempted to open a ticket but a required field is the Deployment ID. Since the deployment is not under our partner account for some reason, I can’t go through the ticket creation process. I tried to enter the ID manually but it wouldn’t let me choose it.

Open a ticket of type “Customer Service and Billing”.

Thank you Lorne, doing so right now, feel free to close/lock.

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