Deny Specific Extention to call others

I wonder if i can allow only some extensions from calling other Extensions
for example i have CEOs phones and i dont want any one except HR extensions to call the CEOs ext . how can i do that with freepbx ?

the CEOs and the HRs are in the same server , same subnet ,


Staying within the distro you could give the CEO phones long extension numbers (10 digits) outside the normal extension range then populate ‘CID Number Alias’ which would be a misc destination which routes to the real extension number.

The Class of Service Module then gives you the ability to deny access to misc destinations to people you choose.

Otherwise you may be able to route calls to the misc destinations through an outbound route then use the Extension Routing module to restrict users.

I have not specifically tested either of these scenarios but I know the COS module does work well in restricting access to various items.

Thanks for your reply fcd_3
but is there is any way to do that with the free modules ?

If you dont mind digging in to the guts of asterisk a little bit, this has already been answered here:

hth :smile: