Deny certain phones outbound access during hours, is this possible?

Hello Everyone,

I have been tasked to see if the following scenario is possible. The Campus I work on only wants certain phones to dial outbound during a determined time frame by Administration. I have reviewed the Class of Service and how it blocks members from using outbound routes which is exactly what I am needing. But only during the time frame approved, below is a example…

Administration only wants the Curriculum Dept Head outbound call access between 7:00am-4:00pm. The other phones in that Dept can call Emergency numbers and internal extensions only, no outbound routes. After 4:00pm all phone can dial outbound routes again.

Is this scenario possible? If so where do I start?

Like I mentioned above Class of Service is what I need to use but I cannot figure out if the time restraints can be setup.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!!!

I’m certain there is a way to do that. I don’t know how I’d solve it right this second, but I’m certain there are ways to do this.

I’d be sending email to the Sales Department at Sangoma - they can get more specific than we can.


That is what I told my director is I am sure it can be done. I’m just having a hard time seeing it.

Thanks for your reply, I will wait a little to see if anyone else has any guidance. If not I will shoot them a email

I appreciate your assistance.

I can’t do it right now, but look at the Time Conditions module. Getting the outbound route to go through the time condition is the tricky part. I suspect you’d have to combine that with the COS module. There is also an Extension Routing module that may make this relatively simple.

Go to the Sangoma Modules website - they actually have a lot of cool modules. One of them should get you where you want to go.

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Thanks for the links, but I do not think it answers my main question.

I have the Class of Service module installed and have reviewed it. The issue is setting the Time Restraints from the example that I gave in my first post.

Appreciate you taking your time though to post the links.

Outbound routes can be defined with a Time Group so they are only usable during certain hours. Combined with Class of Service or Ext Routing, it should do what you need.

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Thank you very much. In my planning I was thinking time groups could only work with time conditions and inbound routes. I had forgotten about linking the time group straight to the outbound route and my google searches just kept showing how to set up for inbound routes. I have now designed and layed out my plan to accomplish this task. Thank you for the information to send me in a direction.


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