Dell 3548P and 3448P switches

We are using the Dell 3548P and 3448P switches on a system.

Does anyone have any experience with these particular switches?

And would you share any info about them, like do’s and don’ts?

Or point me in the right direction for info on setting them up correctly to work with freePBX.

I know this a very general question. But I can’t find enough pertinent info for using them with a phone system.

They work great.

All depends on what phones you are going to use. They support LLDP/MED so you can zero touch config most any phone for a voice vlan.

You want the data network to be in the native/untagged VLAN so PC’s and other .1q unaware devices are on your data network. When you plug a phone it it will pick up the voice VLAN ID from lldp and receive the correct DHCP and bootserver info for the voice network.

If you are not familiar with VLAN’s and 802.1q feel free to utilize the FreePBX support and we can get you all setup.

The network is just telephone. We are using aastra phones.