Dell 2450 to use for a FPBX server?

I have my Dell 2450 with a perc in it. An issue I have at the moment is that I am trying to load FPBX on to this machine…there is no optical dvd nor can the system boot from usb. I will try my usb external dvd for the hell of it bit I also wonder if I can take my dvd optical drive from my other server and use in the 2450? They are both ide - if that does not work is there any other way for me to load FPBX on the 2450 or am I barking up the wrong tree to use the 2450 as a FPBX server? Any thoughts much appreciated.


If you have an iDRAC (30 bucks on ebay) you can “virtualize” your whole booting experience with an iso image properly presented (you might need a windoze box :wink: )

You can also get a session right to your BIOS over the network (no windows needed , just an old javam) , this is an excellent thing to be able to do when things go pear shaped. :wink:

But I believe that hardware also has an ide interface , so get a long ide cable and a molex power extender