Delete call recordings

Hi there,
I set Freepbx Call Recording on Demand. That works fine too. Where can I completely delete the recordings?

Many Thanks

The recordings are in the directory /var/spool/asterisk/monitor. It’s divided by year, then month and then day.

Great, that can easily be deleted with a bash script.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean removing them from the logs, so they remain visible in CEL reports, however can’t be played.

If that bothers you, synchronously with any file purging, the records could be also purged from the mysql database tables(s).

They would still remain in any unpurged ‘logs’

Bother is a big word, but it would be more logical that is didn’t show without having to purge logs, which I would like to keep.

I am well aware that deleting the files does not immediately clear the GUI entries.
It would therefore be welcomed if the correct table and the correct table column were offered for this note.

Because conversations are not allowed to be recorded just like that everywhere. That is why it was important to me in another post to understand that an announcement must be configured before the call if I use timers at the same time - that is solved. We also need to be able to permanently delete records. So it would be good if the GUI has a delete button for this purpose.

@Vespino, since Logrotate regularly deletes the log files anyway, you cannot keep the logs permanently. Unless you make regular backups of “/var/log/asterisk/”.

(probably a conflation between ‘logs’ and ‘table rows’ here the ‘table rows’ maintain the metadata but of course the links can’t play deleted files.

Fortunately one could symlink an approriate ‘thisfilehasbeenpurged.wav’ to replace each deleted file which would not be too bothersome.

Somethink like :-

find /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/  -mtime +90  -exec ln -sf /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/nl/custom/thisfilehasbeenpurged.wav  {} \;

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