Delete Calendar entry for one day

Can a Calendar entry be deleted for a specific day? Example - I’m off today, returning Monday. I created an event starting Monday recurring weekdays with my normal hours. Today, since there’s no entry and I have Inbound Routes for my DID going to Time Conditions which reference my Calendar, my calls go directly to voicemail as desired.

Could I delete a Calendar entry in the future, for example Labor Day so the same routing will occur? The only option I saw was Delete Event, which of course deletes everything. I know with UCP I can also set DND which would usually go to my busy greeting but I have a temporary greeting currently set.

You have to create a cascade with several time conditions controlled by several calendars or time groups. Create an inbound route, which points to your first time condition (Holidays, > holiday calendar), if there is a non-match link it to the second time condition (regular office hours, > time group: office hours). If there is a holiday match, forward the call to your mailbox (time condition setting). If there is a non-match for office hours, forward the call to your mailbox too. If there is a match for office hours forward the call to your IVR.
That’s the way it works…
If you want to manually switch the state at a certain day, start your cascade with a call-flow-control switch before you point it to the holiday time condition. You can use a feature code and a blf-button on your phone (red-green light) to overrule your automated time settings with the call-flow-control, which directly goes e.g. to your ringgroup.

Got it, thanks. Kind of like electronic logic gates. What I did for now before I saw this was create an office hours calendar for next week that ends Friday. I created another resuming Tuesday of the following week until the next holiday, resulting in Labor Day having no entry which will route calls directly to voicemail.

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