Delay when trying to pick up a call from the parking lot

When putting a call into parking, there is a big delay before the on hold/parked call is able to be picked up. It does not show up in the parking lot or even if you directly dial the parking lot extension. This only happens the when trying to pick the call up the first time from call parked. There seems to be no issue when the call first comes in. The ring group works as expected. The issue happens when trying to pick the call up from parked. If I put the same call back on hold, then pick it up on a different phone, there is no lag. When the phone rings for that Ring Group, I can pick it up ok, talk ok, and place it in Parked ok. Once I go to a different extension and try to pick it up, it just sits there saying “calling” and does not show up under Calls Holding “Parked” for about 10 seconds. I also tested picking up the initial call, letting it sit for ~30-45 seconds (to see if waiting helped) but the delay issue still happened once it was parked for the first time.

The parking lot extension is 8800 with 5 spots, 8801-8805. The call is parked by pressing a BLF button with the 8800 extension on a Sangoma phone. There are 5 BLF buttons on the phone with each of the parking spots. The BLF does turn red right away when the call is parked but it cannot be picked up right away like explained above.

We did try a call queue but experienced the same issue also using that. Our other facility is a little more broken up during the day between Operations staff and Office staff, but at night all phones ring since there’s only a few employees in the building there as well. We tried it at the location last night, and the same issue is being reported there when there are a higher number of extensions in a Ring Group. This issue does not seem to be present in the smallest ring groups.

We have 5 Ring Groups:
• 1 (consisting of 37 extensions)
• 2 (consisting of 2 extensions)
• 3 (consisting of 1 extensions)
• 4 (consisting of 2 extensions)
• Front Door/Gate Intercom (consisting of ~ 37 extensions) – 2 Viking call Boxes on the same LAN as the rest of the phone network.

This system is installed a large warehouse type environment which is why there are so many extensions in the one group. The employee that would be answering calls on that ring group could be anywhere in the “warehouse” when a call comes in and would need access to a phone.