Delay on inbound and outbound call PJSip

Hello, I am using FLowroute for my sip trunk, and have created a couple of PJSIP extensions that take more than 10seconds to connect to the server, then once it connects things work fine, until the phone call is routed to a ring group that has a misc destination, and an extension where it then takes another 10-15 seconds to ring… Once connected, things seem to work fine. I tried disabling firewalls and allowing all traffic to see if it was a firewall issue, that did not matter. Looking at the logs, I do not see any issue. Can someone point me in the right direction to finding this issue?

If your using a stun server try disabling it (probably not needed anyway).

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Found a bit more info…looking at the logs, it seems to take a long pause on inbound and outbound calls… The pause is after this is populated " Setting global variable ‘SIPDOMAIN’ to ‘My PBX External IP Address’ it will then connect after the long 10-15sec pause. I am not sure if a stun server would have any bearing at this point in the connection but can check…

You were totally right Cable… Removed the address of the stun server, and it connected right away… You rock!

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