Delay in call connection

Freepbx 13, Asterisk 13, 10.13.66-6 , Grandstream GXP2160, When answering an inbound call, there is apporximately a two second delay after answering before the actual call is connected and you can begin a conversation. Is there a way to shorten the delay?

I decided to revive this old thread as I’m seeing this exact behavior. There are also MANY other threads on this identical problem that have been locked without being answered.

Grandstream had me send in PCAP from phones and PBX and was able to confirm this is happening in the PBX.

It seems to happen with ANY call made from a phone on the PBX to Internal or External numbers.

Any ideas on how to further isolate the cause would be appreciated.
Running PBXact firmware version 12.7.5-1902-3.sng7
Current Asterisk Version: 13.22.0