Delay in audio playback on xact dialer

hello everyone
I use xact dialer for automatic call
it works like that it calls the numbers we gave and a fixed voice message is played
and is working properly
But when I use another phone number that is different for a telecommunications company, when a call is made and the person answers the call, the audio file is played with a long delay, even up to a minute, and sometimes it is not played at all.
Please tell me where the problem is
(My guesses)
Could this be a problem from the telecommunications company from which I got the phone number? If yes, why?
And maybe there is a problem with the trunk settings? If yes, why?

Two likely possibilities:

  1. The trunking provider doesn’t correctly indicate when the call has been answered. If there is a gateway involved (the trunks are POTS, PRI, GSM, etc.) that can also cause this issue.

  2. The parameters in /etc/asterisk/amd.conf are incorrect. For example, the value of sllence_threshold may be too high (if the audio level is low) or too low (if there is some noise on the line). Or, total_analysis_time may be set too high. See

Set up a campaign with just one contact e.g. your own mobile and try some tests. The Asterisk log, in combination with call recording should show what is going wrong. Not tested, but I believe if you set Call Recording to Force in the Outbound Route, and set Call Record Option to No in Advanced Settings, the recording should contain everything the callee says and hears.

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Thank you for your explanation
But this explanation is not the solution to my problem.
I am using sip lines and for example I have no problem with 63259863 line but I have a problem with 95666523 and when the recipient of the call answers the voice message which should start playing after 3 seconds this does not happen and Delayed after 1 minute or even longer

Paste the Asterisk log for a problematic call at and post the link here, along with the contents of your amd.conf file.

i put my asterisk logs in that link
and the first one( line 1 to 3 ) for first number that works fine.
and the second one (line 6 to 7) for second number that It does not work properly and the sound is played late to the person who answered the call.
The image below is for the amd.conf file settings:

How did you create these log pastes, which contain almost no information? A single call, even with just one attempt, normally creates several hundred lines of log. In Settings -> Asterisk Logfile Settings -> Log Files, confirm that for ‘full’, Debug, Error, Notice, Verbose and Warning are all on.

Note the time. Run a campaign that makes just one call, wait until it is successful or failed. Paste everything in /var/log/asterisk/full between the starting and finishing times. Post the link.

The good news is that with total_analysis_time=5000, we know that the AMD part of the process could not add more than five seconds of delay.
This is a link from a new log that called a number and got an answer, but it was played again with a delay.
And also in the path “Settings -> Asterisk Logfile Settings -> Log Files” of all cases is on

Something is going wrong with your logging. Open /var/log/asterisk/full in an editor and see whether there are any other lines with timestamps between
[2021-04-28 11:07:00]
[2021-04-28 11:08:59]

If so, post that complete range. If not, make a call from an extension (not with the dialer) and see how much stuff gets logged.

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