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It looks like the Samsung SSD has failed in my FreePBX 60 and I wanted to confirm my suspicions (with the group) before I run out and purchase another one. I hear it spinning up then is stops. It won’t boot up. The lights go on the mother board and then off again. The power supply has a solid green light so I don’t think it’s failing. If it’s the SSD then I’ll buy one from my local computer shop and upload the latest version of FreePBX 15. I have a month old back up on a thumb drive that I can restore from.

1.) Am I on the right track? Also, I can’t remember which version of Asterisks I was using; 13, 16 or 17.Will my backup know that or should I go with Asterisk 16.
2.) I have a USB drive mate that can be used to access my new drive from my windows desk top. Are there instructions on how I should go about installing the ISO onto the new SSD?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

I have never heard an SSD make any noise?

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The noise seems to be coming from that area. When I connect the SSD up to a drive mate nothing happens; I can’t access the drive.

Identify exactly what your ‘ssd’ is , part-number, manufacturer , form-factor etc.

When the drive is in the original box, what does

cat /proc/partitions

return ?

Here’s a picture of the SSD. It’s from a FreePBX 60 and will not boot up.

cat /proc/partitions

I can’t access the command line, however here’s an image from the Ubuntu disk utility. Hope this helps. Thanks

disk is ok one bad sector, so boot with a ‘rescue disk’ , my preference,your%20existing%20system%20and%20more.

and run chkfs

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Thanks for the help. I’m going to meter the power supply and check it. Something I probably should have done first. The system won’t power up properly and so I won’t have any access to the SSD until I resolve the power up issue.

If you can see it i your ubuntu system you can fsck it in that machine /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 for 3

Hi there.
It’s not the SSD drive; The motherboard has a fault. I’ve moved the SSD to another machine and now I need to enter my deployment ID. My system is showing up as “Not Activated” and there doesn’t seem to be a place to insert my deployment ID. Nothing under System Admin. Do you know where I insert my deployment ID?
Thanks for the help.

No, I don’t use sysadmin

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