Default Values for new extensions


I was wondering if there was a method or module that would allow us to change the default values for newly created extensions? Today upon creation we have to change a laundry list of parameters to meet our needs such as not creating a new internal user, transport type, queue state detection, etc.

As one can imagine this can get very tedious, I guess the hope would be that for all of these things that are consistently having to be modified to the same non-standard value each time an extension is created that we would be able to make them default to where they would already be in the desired state upon clicking new extension.

Is this something that’s possible today or possibly in the development roadmap?

If your extensions are mostly the same, just use Bulk Handler. To add an extension, duplicate the last row of your spreadsheet, edit the extension number, secret, name and outbound CID, then save and import it into FreePBX.

Seconding @Stewart1 here. The bulk handler module is your friend and fantastic. We frequently use it to not only add new extensions but modify settings that would apply to more then just one extension any particular system. Probably the most underrated module in all of FreePBX.

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