Default passwords for asterisk and freepbx


Does anyone know that list of default username and passwords that I have to change once I install asterisk and freepbx?


user name is maint
password is password


You should really change the password for the APMDBUSER and for the AMPMGRUSER

AMPMGRUSER and AMPMGRPASS should be changed in /etc/amportal.conf and in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf, by default they are admin and amp111 respectively.

AMPDBUSER and AMPDBPASS should be changed also in /etc/amportal.conf (near the end), in /etc/cdr_mysql.conf and I think I’ve seen it in /var/www/html/recordings/includes/main.conf.php… By default they are asteriskuser and amp109 respectively

For AMPDBUSER you also have to change the user in mysql, to do so you can:

mysql -u root -p
-> Type yout default root mysql password
USE mysql;
UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD(‘YourNewPass’) WHERE user=‘asteriskuser’;

Don’t forget to make some change in FreePBX and reload the configuration so the necessary files are updated (for example extensions_additional.conf)

Maybe I’m doing more things that the really required but it works for me…


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