Default password not working

I installed a vanilla install of FreePBX 2.210.62 x86_64 and the default username and password of admin/admin are not working.

During installation I didn’t set up any passwords but root, which I’ve tried, and I can’t find anything using Google for the past half hour. Everything says login using admin/admin and change the password.

Exact filename used to burn image to DVD media: FreePBX-2.210.62-4-x86_64-Full-1358789681.iso

This did not happen:

  1. Go to another computer on the same network and enter that IP address into your web browser. The first time you do so you’ll be asked to create the admin user and the admin password. That username and password will be used in the future to access the FreePBX configuration screen. Note: These passwords do not change the Root password! They are only used for access to the FreepBX web interface.

I thought it was odd that I misinterpreted the instructions, but I assumed the instructions were for after installing using default username and password.

P.S. The captcha seems to be turning red the first shot even though I’m making sure to drag the proper shape. It seems to happen on the “edit” page. Although it turns red, it saves successfully.

You might try this:

Google Chrome is the issue.

Mac OSX 10.7
Chrome Version 24.0.1312.52

Access via Firefox and it works no problem.