Default MySQL user/password Freepbx 12.x distro

I’m trying to install vtiger crm on FreePBX 12.X and it keeps asking for MySQL user/password. It seems root is the user and no password alas it doesn’t let me continue with installation.“Unable to connect to database Server. Invalid MySQL Connection Parameters specified”…

Mysql Root without password!

Alas, vtiger doesn’t let me create a data base using only “root” as user and without a password…In fact the MySQL in FPBX doesn’t have even a user…so to speak…

I recall previous FreePBX versions in which the recommendations were not to modify MySQL user/password. Can I create a user “root” on MySQL and password without getting into troubles with the distro?

The root user already exists. If you absolutely must install vTiger on the PBX, create another user with appropriate permissions to use for vTiger access.

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