Default Apache site is only thing that loads after install

I just installed FreePBX on my Dell Poweredge server. I installed version 3.x 32-bit because it was the only ISO that would fit on a CD. I plan to upgrade once I get the server up and running. Whenever I go to myserverip it only loads the default Apache page. I watched the video and followed the installation instructions on the Freepbx web site. Why might this be happening?

Save your self the trouble and download a more current USB image.

I’m french. I have installed incredible PBX 11 with unbutu 14 and i have the same problem …
The only page was apache default (???)

The OP had an issue with a super old FreePBX build. Your issue is something with PBX in a flash. Please Dont hijack threads.

I just installed FreePBX 6.12.65 with Asterisk 13 Beta
same problem