Dear Sangoma folks, thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for the really great assistance that you’ve been providing here.

I know here on the ground in Seattle we’ve been doing everything we can to get people home and working so they can stay healthy and still earn some money. We, like other IT staff/providers have had an unprecedented amount of reconfig/home setup work as a result. Much of it having to be done remotely in order to stay healthy ourselves.

It’s not much, and it’s something that we can do to help the infection rate, even if it’s tiny, and I go to bed at night feeling drained, but grateful to be able to contribute.

Chris D, a couple times now you’ve quickly responded to help me when I’d made a dumb mistake, the kind I normally wouldn’t, except I’m tired and this isn’t normal.

So to all the Sangoma folks, and community folks who’ve been going above and beyond to help, thank you.


And thank you for saying thanks :slight_smile: means a lot

Awesome feedback!
Thank you for sharing: good news is in short supply these days.
Stay safe!

We are here to help.


Just like to add my thanks to and a shout out to Shahin Nazir @ Sangoma support who helped me get my team out the office and safe at home with a problem with the VPN.

Great help guys, very appreciated.

Big Joe


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