Dealing with queues, remote agents, and phones with voice mail

I am new to FreePBX so please bear with me. I looked around documentation and the like but couldn’t find this topic.

I need to set up remote agents in a call queue. Agents have cellphones that roll over to voice mail rather than ringing busy. I want to be able to detect that the agent is not available when that happens and keep ringing the other agents, skipping the agent that went to voice mail. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry to have bothered. I found the solution using the confirm calls selection in ring groups or follow me.

version 2.9 will also allow you to set call confirmation for a queue, which will be used for any call that ‘leaves’ the PBX through an outbound trunk.

So at that point, no need to setup a follow-me or ringgroup just for that purpose.