Dead or still kicking

I think i know the answer to this already but thought i better check before jumping into testing it.

I used to use Trixbox (but never in the real world), came to doing a trial in getting my office working on VoIP, having problem and looking on the forum. Only to find the forum…well DEAD(ish)! From the looks of it the whole CE project seems dead as there’s been no updates for 1yr+

So is FreePBX a live and kicking project still? Will there be regular updates etc? I don’t want to set-up a demo of a system then go to production for something that an’t going to be alive for long lol

FreePBX and it’s brand new Distro is very alive and kicking.
You can download the distro ISO from here:

If you want to look what’s happening, I suggest that you look at the Roadmap:


Already got the distro downloaded and install on a ESXi machine, ready to be configured and tested next week. :slight_smile: