DDI Outbound Caller ID

Good afternoon,

I have one sip account that has 10 numbers under it.

Incoming works fine and outgoing also but shows the main account number all the time.

What is the best approach to choose what number shows per extension?

Thank you

Just put the number you want into the Outbound CID field in the extensions setting. And make sure your outbound route is not overwriting the extension number.

I will give it a go in a while and post back,
Does this mean my outbound route needs to be blank as cid?

@joni1802 Sorry it is not working.

I have an outbound route with the extension i want inside pointing to the sip trunk and i added the outbound caller id to the extension settings Outbound CID.

The head number is xxxxxxxx20

I want xxxxxxxx22 to show out so i am putting the 22 bit in the field you mention.

I still get xxxxxxxx20

Question my trunk has context pstn-toheader is it correct for this kind of scenario?

That only differs for incoming calls, and doesn’t affect caller ID.

You need to capture the full log file, with verbosity set to, at least, 3, so that the caller ID manipulations can be tracked. You may need to use the appropriate command for your channel driver to see what is actually being sent to the provider; they could be ignoring it.

all of a sudden it seems to be working but i don’t have it as Outbound on the extension side but on the route side.

All i did change is i added <> in the outbound callerid within the trunk

Will keep everyone posted

Issue is as follows now.

If i call landlines via the outbound route the correct callerid is being pushed.
If i call a mobile phone number the head number is being pushed but here is the funny part if
i reject the phone call then the sms that pops up showing i missed a call shows the correct callerid.

Any thoughts?

New Update I have tried this with a different account that has 10 numbers set as PJSIP this time and it works fine. The number i am trying unfortunatelly is set as Chan_SIP and i don’t have for the time being the option to use it as PJSIP.

Do you think maybe i need to add something in the trunk peer registration field that is missing?

If they are going through the same provider, I would suggest the problem is at the interconnect with the mobile network, and out of your control. You would need to talk to the provider. If it is local, but ending on the same provider, it could only be because you have different outbound route entries for mobile and landline, and the mobile ones are overriding the number.

But why is it functioning with chan_pjsip?

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