DB20 Repeaters?


We are trying to setup multiple DB20 stations to work together to cover multiple floors, it looks like that, unfortunately, they don’t support multi-cell roaming, so we are trying to setup them as repeaters, but the documentation is missing about this part.

Any idea of how this can be configured ?

Thank you.

We do not offer a repeater at this time. We are working on releasing our multi cell version of the base station hopefully in the next quarter.

Are you sure ? Because the configuration UI and the configuration files both have a repeaters section.

Yeah they have settings for it but we have not released the hardware for it yet. It’s a little square box that you install as a repeater but it’s not being offered yet. It’s being worked on for relase along with the multi cell base station system.

So far there are no way to have multiple DB20 working together ? Basically we have 2 floors with one DB20 per floor as we would like to have our DECT useable on both of them without having them stuck in a single floor, there would be no way to achieve this in the current system ?

Correct. That hardware will be we suportulti cell it’s a SMB single cell only solution. We will have a multi cell coming soon and a repeater you can use on the SMB to extend it some but it’s not multi cell.

Oh ok, too bad, Do you know any good DECT system that we could use with FreePBX that would support all this and that would work fine with the Endpoint Manager ?

Thank you

EPM does not support any multi cell dect stuff. All the dect we support for 3rd party phones are all non multi cell. Again we have it coming out soon but it’s not ready quite yet.

We will be looking for beta testers very shortly for our Repeater and our new multi cell stations. Send me a PM here and we can chat.

Is there a reason you’re not using some sort of portable IP phone?

(Just wondering… )

Wifi phones usually have sound quality issues (In case of high usage of the access point for example), and we prefer to have them separated from the data at the wireless level. Also the battery life is usually much lower on wifi phones.

I would also love to see a multi-cell option. We currently have one base station in our office, and another in our warehouse, it would be great if office/warehouse handsets could roam between base stations

I tried sending a PM but it said you weren’t accepting messages currently.

@tonyclewis I am within days of purchasing a snom DECT multicell system, but would love to order some more Sangoma hardware. We currently have about 115 Sangoma s500 and s300 phones that we love. We would be interested in beta testing them also if you still need that. We have an automotive parts manufacturing facility in WV. We would need about 5 base stations and 8-10 phones. Our current Uniden phones get used 24/7 currently with scores of calls daily. Any interest in this?

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