Db_delete and dbdel

I’ve ran some substantial custom dialplans in our older system which makes reference to dbdel. I’ve ported the script over to our new v18 system and receive the error;

No application ‘dbDel’ for extension

On investigation I see that this is now depreciated in favour of DB_DELETE

I’ve therefore changed my script to use DB_DELETE but I now receive;

No application ‘DB_DELETE’ for extension

Any reference I’ve found to DB_DELETE and associated error online is articles from around 10 years ago suggesting that there might be another way to do this?

Could anyone advise please?

I am calling the following;
exten => s,n,DB_DELETE(CFU/${AMPUSER})
exten => s,n,DB_DELETE(CFB/${AMPUSER})

It’s a dialplan function, not a dialplan application. Its usage would be:


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