Daylight savings wrong in basefile for paid EPM for yealink phones

Saw there was an upgrade to the EPM module and that didn’t fix it either. The dates are wrong in the basefile. They’re set to start date of March 2 and end date of November 1, when for 2016 they should be March 13 and November 6. This is for the T41 specifically, I didn’t check the others. Happening on versions and (newest) of the EPM module.

Looks like someone already submitted the ticket

FYI it seems to be all Yealink models. I’ve been changing them as I find them but I have to do it for every template.

Will my changes to the basefile be undone when an update for the module gets applied? Hoping not to have to go back and undo my changes when this gets fixed…

First thing reported to me this morning, people get a bit weird when the displayed time on the phone is not correct.

I would expect that if you change your basefile, no matter what module updates happen, your basefile will maintain what you entered.

I have a few basefile mods for the Yealinks now to overcome mostly strange behavior. I also had to download the newest firmware from Yealink and set that up, since the firmware provided by EPM is a few months out of date and full of some pretty nasty bugs, 1 way audio being the biggest issue.

Not sure if the update fixed anything. I just deleted the entry I added and it was replaced with

local_time.start_time = 3/2/7/2

Not sure what the extra 7 is for. So to be safe I put the old info back in.

local_time.start_time = 3/13/2

Seems to be fixed on my end. Yealink T46G

What does your base file look like? The lines about daylight savings that is

local_time.time_zone = timezone
local_time.time_zone_name = timezonename
local_time.ntp_server1 = timeserver1
local_time.ntp_server2 = timeserver2
local_time.interval =
local_time.summer_time = daylight
local_time.dst_time_type = 1
local_time.start_time = 3/2/7/2
local_time.end_time = 11/1/7/2
local_time.offset_time = 60
local_time.time_format = 0
local_time.date_format = 0
local_time.dhcp_time = 0

I wonder if the 2/7 means second Sunday? Anyway, thanks, I’ll remove the altered lines from my base file.