Daylight Saving times not working properly

Hi, I’m quite new to FreePBX, we’ve not actually deployed yet (2 months time) but I’m trying to get everything configured in advance but i’ve hit a snag which is frustrating me.

In the template for the Sangoma phones in Endpoint Manager i’ve changed my regional options to GMT (I’m UK based) and daylight savings enabled, however when the phone picks up the configuration it’s an hour behind.

With DST set to Auto, the time is an hour behind
With DST disabled it stays the same as auto
With DST enabeld and the correct start and end dates setup, the time is correct. However i can’t set this via FreePBX (Enable in FreePBX = Auto on the phone)
With DST auto and GMT+1 it goes an hour ahead of me…
with DST set to disabled and GMT+1 I again get the right time.

I need to be able to set GMT with DST enabled via FreePBX, is there any way of resolving this? It seems to me like the Sangoma phone isn’t correctly setting the time for GMT when set to Auto. Bug or am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: Interestingly, if i set myself to GMT+1 with DST disabled, then i change back to GMT with DST set to AUTO the time stays correct, but as soon as i disable DST and then set back to Auto, the DST of +1 doesn’t reapply leaving me an hour behind again.

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