Day/Night Indicator

Hi everyone,

Running A-1.8/FPBX-2.9,

Well thanks to the great work done by everyone, I’ve managed to get my PBX up and running with pretty much every feature that we need.

I’ve set up Time conditions and then used the “Call Flow Module” to set up my Day/Night feature code. This all works perfectly.

What I would like though is to get an indicator to let me know when the Call Flow Feature is activated. I see it turns red in the admin interface but would like to have a BLF style indicator on the Receptionists’ phone.

I have visions of it getting near Lunch Time and the poor dear thinking how quiet it is unless there is a big red light glowing in her face to let her know it’s still in Night Mode.

Thanks that works as suggested.

Appreciate the help.

Yea, thats right, i just use *280 in the phone for BLF and it works fine for me, assuming your DN code is *280. Key here is to setup the usedevstate=true as mentioned by SkykingOH in /etc/amportal.conf then restart amportal and do a config reload on FreePBX (fake a change, etc…)

Then when you run

asterisk -rx “core show hints”, should show you something like this;
*280@app-daynight-toggle : Custom:DAYNIGHT0 State:Idle Watchers 0

and when you’ve subscribed correctly, Watchers will be 1 and so on…

Yes, that code is mapped to a hint you can subscribe to.

The Asterisk command ‘core show hints’ will list all available hints that have been preprogrammed for you (assuming you have the usedevstate set to true in general settings). It will be some variant of the day/night code.

Glad you got your system working.