Day - Night Control / Call Flow Control

Hi All!

I’m having a problem with my Call Flow Control. Freepbx Version

I have two trunks, one trunk is a public trunk and one is a private trunk.

On my public trunk, I have it set up to three time conditions:
Weekday Calling Hours
Weekday After Hours
Weekend Calling Hours

(My private trunk is set to ring all the time on line 4.)

I was trying to set it up so when we leave early from the office for lunch or leave early at night, we could press *280 and it would send the public trunk to the voicemail until I dialed *280 again to turn it off.

I created a Call Flow Toggle Control called Receptionist Overide with a code index of 0.
I do not think I have my Normal Flow set correctly as it does not work other then turning the code red or green. Either way … does not activate the voicemail.

I have the Normal Flow (Green/BLF off) set to:

Time Conditions - Weekday Calling Hours

I have the Override Flow (Red/BLF on) set to:

Voicemail - <100> Afterhours Voicemail (busy)

I would like to set *280 to turn on the voicemail and when I dial *280 again to turn it off no matter what my time conditions are on my public trunk.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Hi there,

If I’m understanding what you’re after, you might not need to use Call Flow Control at all.

In your Time Condition, there is also an option to “Enable Override Code.” For me, it’s *271.

I’ve just been testing this the past couple of days, and I believe it does exactly what you’re looking for.

Example: Regular schedule for the time condition I have is 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday-Saturday. Calls after hours and on Sundays go straight to voicemail.

If I enter *271 during the business day, immediately all calls are funneled to voicemail. Hitting *271 again would send the calls to the “Destination if time matches” selection, which in my case is a call group.

Does this help??


I am having the same issue. Tried a million different variants, still, I cannot get the system to recognize that it’s night-time and it should use the night IVR. I have two time groups and conditions set up, tried with an without call flow control. I have FreePBX

Can someone please give us exact steps. This process is not all-that user friendly, and sadly not all of us are programmers. Some of us are mere mortals. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Have you told your inbound route to route to the Call Flow Control destination?