Data traffic not initiating from centos4.4/freepbx2.1.3

i have a running TB1.2.2 with sip only trunk. i recently setup a centos4.4/freepbx2.13/asterisk (just want to have a core pbx). after i did the setup and configured the system the sip trunk does not register. in actuallity there is no data leaving the new box what so ever. it seems the trunk does not initiate the registration.

any ideas? thanks

TB 1.2.2 iso by default sets up eth0 as dhcp and eth1, if you have it is disabled. Check your gateway settings if you changed eth0 from dhcp to static. You can just add GATEWAY=x.x.x.x to ifcfg-eth0.

the issue is not the TB. that one is running as i mentioned. the issue is the 2nd box i setup with only centos4.4/freepbx2.13/asterisk. i restored the config from the TB to the core box and then everything started registering? not sure what the cause is? all my networking is correct. is there anything that needs to be done in the asterisk/freepbx to make the trunk initiate registration?