Dashboard Stats and CDR no longer tracked as of today

Good afternoon. I noted this afternoon that the dashboard stats and CDR don’t appear to be updated anymore. Asterisk still shows it’s been running for just shy of 2 hours (and this is after a system reboot of 34min ago (also on the dashboard). Endpoint Stats hasn’t changed either. Also, no calls seem to be entering the CDR database either.

FPBX14 (Asterisk 13). Has anyone ever seen anything like this happen before? Any idea where I can check to see what might be causing such odd behavior?


MySQL OK? A crashed database will do that.

Usually if MySQL’s having issues, it’s reported in the web portal (or reloading shows a Whoops). I’ve not seen anything to indicate that.

However, for weeks on and off we’ve noticed MySQL pegging the processor at 100 (works its way up). I think I made another post about that. No one seemed to have any thoughts on the cause. But usually a restart cleans it up. And right now, it’s not racing.

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