Dashboard Stats Active Calls...what does it represent?

On the Dashboard, what does “Active Calls” actually represent on the Statistics widget? What counts towards that number?

extension to extension calls?
extension to extension calls over an IAX trunk?
Inbound calls that originated on PBX1 that are forwarded or rollover an IAX trunk to PBX2?
Does a call in an IVR, ringing, or waiting in a queue count as “active”?

I’m curious what it means primarily because I have spikes at time where it will show 10-15 active calls which isn’t unfathomable but I feel is unlikely to be having that many inbound/outbound calls concurrently. I have 2 FreePBX systems linked over an IAX trunk which makes me even more suspicious of what is being counted.


It’s every single call on the PBX. And if you have ext to ext call that is 2 calls to the system.

It sure would be nice to see this broken out into external and internal calls.