Dashboard dropdown menus stuck behind the loading screen

In attached tgz there is screen recording:
Screen Recording 2022-12-17 at 12.10.43 PM.tgz (2.6 MB)

The recording shows that after refreshing the PBX dashboard, when I try hovering over the top menus (i.e. Modules), it is blocked by the loading of the dashboard so you have to wait until the dashboard has loaded before you can go into a setting from the menu.
This started happening after an update to the dashboard a few months ago, and I don’t like it. It didn’t behave like this before; you could always hover over menu at the top to quickly go there (instead of waiting for the dashboard to load which you don’t even care about when you just want to quickly switch to a menu). Because many times you just need to go to the PBX administration to change something under the Modules menu and now you have to wait for the dashboard to load before you are able to select the menu option (since the menu is now behind the loading screen). It would be easy fix for the menu to be in front of the loading screen.

Hi @thetelcoguy We have raised [FREEPBX-23909] Dashboard dropdown menus stuck behind the loading screen - Sangoma Issue Tracker to track your reported issue. Please add yourself as watcher to know the progress of that issue.


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