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Hi All,

I want to build a dashboard with live monitoring of the calls.

Currently on Freepbx dashboard it’s giving me the numbers but I want some more details on the live monitoring.

How can I get live call data like Freepbx Dashboards is collecting.

I am using 2.11 pbx version and I like this dashboard as compared to the new one.

But I want to make my own dashboard based on different set of KPIs.





any guidelines where to start

I would start by upgrading to a supported version of FreePBX, then review the links provided above. 2.11 has been EOL for many, many years.

There is a new GraphQL API in FreePBX 15 that may be helpful too.

But I personally wouldn’t spend any time building anything on an obsolete FreePBX / Asterisk version as getting support will be very difficult and things will break when you upgrade most likely.

In my opinion, CLI is the most basic and you can write shells to call commands and extract the data. You can run a help command from within the CLI to see what is available. In the past I have built a webpage that runs a series of CLI commands to create a dashboard.

Also a good-ish resource:

Have you tried out FOP2? It’s not expensive, and it’s free for less than 15 extensions. It has a lot of call monitoring features.

I’m not totally sure that it works with old asterisk versions. But if it has AMI, then I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

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I am already using fop2 but I don’t want to use it anymore. I need something more robust and with better UI. however I am developing this on Freepbx 14 but can also use it on 2.11 for now

Then excellent, if FOP2 is not robust enough for you.

Do I understand that you are making a better solution that works on everything from every version of FreePBX ?

If so, then when you get a working alpha and publish it, you will be peer reviewed, at least by me.

I look forward to your effort.

I think the CLI scraping will be the most congruent across the versions of Asterisk. Still will not be perfect, but manageable.

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