Dashboard. Asterisk Running less than 10 minutes, showing 5 min 33 secs, whether 30 seconds or 30 minutes

I recently did a fresh install on newish (to me) hardware due to bogons coming from my FreePBX hardware. Bogons are now gone. I did a backup of the old FreePBX 14 system and restored it to the latest distro I downloaded and had zero problems in the restore, well except this one. Currently on FreePBX, Asterisk 13.22.0 However…

In the Dashboard - System Overview, it shows me the little triangle and the notice that asterisk has been running for less than 10 minutes. However, asterisk has been running for over 30 minutes without issue. It tells me that asterisk has been only running for 5 minutes 33 seconds whether it has been running for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. Asterisk is in fact running. Under Reports - Asterisk Logfiles it shows me the correct Asterisk uptime.

ALSO, SysInfo shows “updated -8145 seconds ago” and this shows a negative 8,145 seconds. When I refresh the counter goes down, closer to zero, about the number of seconds I waited between refreshes.

It’s not a major deal, but nice to know and have things working correctly. Where in the system is this frozen up. Where can I correct the number of seconds? And the asterisk uptime for this Dashboard module?

Or will time heal all wounds?



I forgot a couple screen shots.

2019-06-22%2019_29_15-FreePBX%20Administration 2019-06-22%2019_42_06-FreePBX%20Administration

Well… time heals all wounds in this case but still this is a bit weird. Should a bug report be made?


There are occasions where the system is “up”, but (for whatever reason) isn’t ready to take calls. The triangle warning symbol is only there as a warning - if the system is working, you should be OK. It’s just a status “head’s up” and not an error.

Thanks Dave for the reply. Everything was working great, Asterisk was connected… just these counters/ things were way off. Just weird… having it count down to zero on a refresh, from different browsers too, then go to a correct number of seconds and unfreezing the 5 minutes and 33 seconds that asterisk has been running.

Just a bit concern that the restore didn’t work right in some regard.


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