"Dalek" style voice breakdown

Hi all,

We have the occasional problem where a call will descend into being really bad, either down a well or sounding like a Dalek.

I have captured one of these calls using pcapsipdump on the server.

Ok, so the call is perfect from the capture on the server, even got the user over to listen to it and she confirms that, that is not how the call went on her phone.

So this leads me to conclude that the problem lies in the path from the server to her phone, or possibly the phone, and the problem only seems to be affecting the stream being sent to the phone, as her speech was perfect as captured by the server.

Is there a usual cause for this, or am I looking at tracing switch paths and making sure QoS is setup properly etc etc?



Did you ever get to the bottom of this?

We have the same issue.

Please discribe your setup, and what troubleshooting you’ve already done?