Dailing outbound-allroutes from IVR does not work, dialing from internal extension does


I have an odd problem that has shown up. I have several extensions setup where an internal user can dial an extension and it calls an external number such as a cell phone. When internal users use these extensions they work fine, but when someone from outside dials into an IVR and the IVR tries to use that extension they get a busy signal. I must have misconfigured something but I am not sure what… Inside the extensions I have the following format under the dial setup:


where XXXXXXX is the local number to be dialed. I have three outbound routes two local and one long distance. One of the local outbound routes is just for restricting long distance on a pool phone (single extension). User have to dial 9 to dial out.


FreePBX 2.10
Centos 5.8
Kernel 2.6