DAHDi Sangoma Call issues

Phone: Aastra 6735i sip. (tested and working with other PX box)
PBX: FreePBX (latest)
Card: Sangoma A200 4 port
Lines: Tested in other box and moved over

I have it all setup. I call in form my cell phone, the sip phone rings. I answer the phone and i get a solid tone on it. Can hear nothing but the solid tone. The cell phone can hear what is said on on the sip phone.

Then I switch the context from “from-analog” to “from-zaptel” and now the cell phone. the tone stops and cell phone can still hear, but sip phone still can not hear.

Any ideas what could cause this? Lines are used in another box and so is phone to rule out broken phone or lines.

Sounds like a NAT issue with your phone. Make sure in SIP Settings module in FreePBX your local subnets are setup.

Thanks for the idea.

In SIP Settings:
I switched it to NAT =No, IP Conf = Static, Set external, and set the local as /

In Advanced Settings:
I switched SIP nat = no

Reset everything and still having the issue. If i go phone to phone it is working good. Just doesn’t work when i hit the DAHDI.

Thank you for the help. Hitting a wall.


I let the phone just ring and got the VM for it. I attempted to leave a message and the system did not record any audio. So from what it looks like, the DAHDI/Sangoma/ incoming lines will not take any audio INTO the PBX regardless if it is going to VM, a phone or anything.

And to make it even weirder. If i change the context in the FXO Settings on the channel from from-analog to from-zaptel. the sides switch. cell phone can’t hear then, but internal can.

Can close. Just so people know if they have the same problem.

In FXO Settings. I changed to Loop Start and then context of from-zaptel and fixed my issue.