DAHDI on new install with Restore

I got a new server and did a fresh ISO install, along with a restore of my existing system.

Everything works except my 4 DAHDI lines. When I look at the FreePBX config, there are NO FXO or FXS ports listed. I have 4 FXO ports on the Sangoma A200 card.

I can’t find a way to throw away the restored DAHDI config info and start new; I’m guessing that would fix the issue.


When I do a “dahdi_scan” from the old system, I get all of the parameters of the card that DAHDI is using.

When I do that from the new system, I get nothing.

Make sure you have all your modules updated. We made some fixes in dahdi config module in the last week or so.

Worse case run setup-sangoma from the cli

Thanks. Will try it once I get additional “Zend Resets” so I can switch my activation!

Thanks, Tony. I reinstalled with the latest versions on both systems and it is working. Have other issues, and am inputting separate case for those.

Best, Mike