DAHDI_HFCS not work with FreePBX 14

Hallo Friends,
in my phone system with FreePBX 13 I used ISDN card Asuscom P-IN100-ST-DV which worked fine with dahdi_hfcs driver. Unfortunatelly, after upgrade to FreePBX 14 (with Centos 7) I am not able to compile dahdi_hfcs at all.
Can you help me how to make this Asuscom card working with new system?
Thanx a lot!

maybe, you have to recompile by source code and add your driver to dahdi.

Problem solved!!! It is possible to download openvox_dahdi-linux-complete-current.tar.gz here: http://www.openvox.cn/pub/drivers/dahdi-linux-complete/ which includes zaphfc driver and it is possible to compile it at Centos 7.

Hi James,
thanx for info, this I tried many times, of course, but I always got some errors during compile, or compilation was OK, but zaphfc driver not available. It seems, I am not so skilled linux-guru to do this :frowning: Finally, I found Openvox DAHDI package which includes driver I need.
Thanx a lot.

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