DAHDi Doesn't appear to be running. Click the 'Restart/Reload Dahdi Button' Below

FreePBX 13.0.167
SHMZ release 6.5 (Final)
Asterisk 11.14.2

DAHDi Doesn’t appear to be running. Click the ‘Restart/Reload Dahdi Button’ Below

Digium - Wildcard TE131/TE133 UNCONFIGURED

Restarting/reloading doesn’t resolve this issue.

Issue resolved.


After applying Framework 13.0.167, it appears as if additional commentary (an equals sign) was appended to /etc/dahdi/system.conf. The equals sign was commented out, therefore, solving this problem.

I can’t tell you to do anything, but I’d submit a bug report. If it’s something the system is doing, it shouldn’t. If it was an error somewhere else, we’d have the issue documented.

Known issue and being worked now …

edit: and now fixed.

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