DAHDI Configuration

Hi ,

I need help with My DAHDI Configuration to pick up the correct Channel.
I have Analog FXO card with 8 channels. I have all ports on Group 0.
My Inboud route is working properly.
I want to set my outbound to work like
I want to show CID - XXX-XXX-9991 when call made from Extensions 101-114
- XXX-XXX-9915 when call made from Extensions 115-116
- XXX-XXX-9916 when call made from Extensions 117-118
I have set Outbound route for Extension 115-116 to use trunk 2
Extension 117-118 to use trunk 3
any other extension use trunk 1
by defining different outbound routes. It shows correct Outbound CID But it still grabs first free Channel from group and shows on cell CID which is associated with that channel.
How can I set DAHDI to grab channel what I want ?

Thanks in advance.

You could re-configure your channels in one or more of several arbitrarily named groups. You can use these groups with various orders with g,G,r and R or individual channels for your outbound routes.


when I put port 1-3 in g0 4-5 in g1 and port 6-7 in g2 that gives me error in Asterisk logs and even stop working for calling in or out on that line.

I can’t speak for the GUI method, but if working with the files I need to shutdown asterisk and then dahdi completely, then start dahdi and finally start asterisk .

Make sure the groups and channel associations are reflected in the various files in /etc/asterisk/dahdi * and /etc/dahdi/

If you want to grab a specific DAHDI channel, you have to address it by channel number, not group, or put only one channel in the group.

I’m a bit confused about what you mean about caller ID working in one case. It is not possible to signal outgoing caller ID over an FXO lines; there simply is no protocol for that in the analogue world. The caller ID will always be what the line is known as at the exchange end.

yes I always Restart Asterisk and dahdi after changes. do I need to reboot the system?

No but you need to check your /etc/dahdi/system.conf and /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi*.conf files that you have the groups and channels you are using are properly associated with the outbound route you want to send the call to. A log of a call , failed or successful, should show you that .

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