DAHDI Configuration Alarms on ISDN A500 card shown as 'UNCONFIGURED'


I’m having some issues getting a Sangoma A500 BRI ISDN card to work under FreePBX The first problem is that in FreePBX GUI ‘DAHDI Configuration’ the Spans are shown as ‘unconfigured’, and obviously I can’t make or receive any external calls.

If I check the channels with ‘wanrouter status’ everything seems fine with the spans showing as ‘connected’.

If I run setup-sangoma again and configure each channel and then go back to ‘DAHDI Configuration’ the Alarms now show as ‘OK’, but the setting changes I had made earlier (in the GUI) for ‘Signaling’ etc have been lost, and if I change them back (or just re-save the config in the GUI) then the Alarms go back to be ‘Unconfigured’

It seems that maybe DAHDI and Wanrouter are fighting to control the card?

Does anyone know what is now the correct way to setup Sangoma cards in FreePBX 14 as I think the documentation may now be out of date? Do I even need to run setup-sangoma and run Wan router at all anymore (is that for pre FreePBX 14 ?) or should FreePBX 14 natively setup the ISDN cards?

Thanks very much for reading.


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