Dahdi configs revert back to default settings after update

Hey all,

I am running a completely patched system with all module and system updates applied. Every time I run updates to the system, my dahdi configs get all screwed up and I have users reporting that callers cannot call at times (the line just rings). I’m fairly certain this is due to the Dahdi module overwritting my settings and applying what settings it ‘thinks’ are best. Is there a way to configure it in asterisk to leave those settings alone or can someone point me in the direction of how to manually setup dahdi config’s apart from the module. I would rather manually setup the config and have my settings stay persistent. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

In Advanced Settings, turn on “Disable DAHDi Configuration Writes”.

Or, if you are editing the files manually, I am reasonably sure that removing the module won’t delete or modify your settings, though back them up first just in case.

Or, if all else fails you could make the relevant files immutable. However, I don’t know whether the failed attempts to butcher the files would result in other error.

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