DAHDi Config Reset Groups don't work

Hi all

I’m using FreePBX 5.211.65-14 with Asterisk 11.

And I’m not able to reset the group settings on the port settings in the DAHDi Config Module.
When I click on the “Reset Groups” Letters, following error occurs in the browser console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'usedchans' of undefined main.js:189
update_digital_groups main.js:189
reset_digital_groups main.js:180
onclick config.php?display=dahdi:1140

I was leading me into this situation by deleting the group number and/or the context and leave it blank…

Could it be that this is an issue of freebpx?

If not, does anybody know how to receive the group settings again (for its not allowed to edit the chan_dahdi_groups.conf file directly!) ?

Thank’s in advance for your reply.

Regards Adrian

I found a solution on myself, by uninstall and reinstall the DAHDi Config Module. Then the group settings on the ports are available again… (but of course you will loose your config’s)

Regardless, it looks to me, that the above situation is an issue of FreePBX.

Have a nice day!