DAHDi Config Module

What context do you “normally” use for fxo ports? I guessed “from-zaptel” which seems to work. “from-pstn” & “default” don’t. Leaving the field blank doesn’t work. It is blank by default. What about groups? “0”? Could this module have a little bit of help or some suggested default values in it? It doesn’t seem to do anything until I add this info.

the module was written by Digium and placed into AsteriskNOW.

We just imported it into the FreePBX svn contributed repository recently to start to add functionality to it and work on other improvements.

I would suggest you file tickets against the module if you have issues or suggestions to make it better or easier to use. Our goal is to do that and get it officially into 2.9 once we have done that. We may also add it to the extended online repository in 2.8 as well.

Also, I am not so sure that the fop works correctly when using it. I think the fxs ports show up as trunks, and then they don’t even show any activity when in use.

In any case, if anyone is using this module successfully, I’d like to know what your settings and experiences are. I’ll file some bugs if someone else can confirm that these are issues, and it’s not just me.

If you are having usability issues, then it is worth filing as the module is pretty cryptic and the information will be useful.

If you are having issues with FOP, it’s probably FOP and there may be bugs already filed. You should not include those under the DAHDi module as there are a lot of issues with FOP.